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VRay Ocean BETA Submission (Closed)

BETA Submission is over. Thank you to all those who have submitted. Please use the feedback form to submit your feedbacks on VRay OceanMtl version 2.

Satheesh (RyanJon2040)

VRay OceanMtl version 2

Here are some screenshots of Vray OceanMtl version 2 applied to Ocean Geometry.

Click for larger view
Click for larger view
Click for larger view
Click for larger view

Patch for 3dsmax2009 users

A 3dsmax2009 user reported a startup error with Swift-Switch. It has been fixed in this patch.

NOTE: This Patch is ONLY for 3dsmax2009 and earlier versions. DO NOT install in 3dsmax2010 or above.

Click Here to download.

Goodbye to Free Domains

Finally..... Swift-Switch now has a Official Website. Please check it out.


Contact me at: feedback@swift-switch.com

Ocean plugin New Screenshots

Here are some more screenshots from Ocean Plugin that shows Level Of Detail.


Swift-Switch New Patch

A user reported that when trying to run M-Converter it shows a "Not Installed" error even when installed. This has been fixed in this patch.

Click Here to download.

EDIT: This is the new patch. It fixes the blank Logo space in VRay OceanMtl with a logo image. *LINK NOW WORKS*

New Website Online

So finally......New Swift-Switch website is online now. Also Swift-Switch (Only for 3dsmax 9-2011) has been updated to a new version with some new features and fixes.

Click Here for Changelog

Click Here to visit Website

Take the Survey and share your thoughts

VRay OceanMtl version 2 BETA coming soon

VRay Ocean Material v2 BETA will be available soon. I've improved Sub-Surface scattering and Absorption. So stay tuned :)

New Ocean Plugin

I am now working on a new plugin which creates realistic Ocean Surfaces. Here are two screenshots from Viewport. I'll post more screenshots soon.

Click For Larger view

Click For Larger View

Please Vote for my idea at Customer feedback for 3ds Max

Please do vote for my "Multiple Plugin Extends" idea at Customer Feedback For 3dsmax.

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About Swift-Switch

Swift-Switch is an Advanced Render Switcher for Autodesk 3dsmax.It contains Render Presets for both V-Ray and Mental-Ray and includes more functions.