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Mental-Ray Ambient Occlusion

I've been working so hard on this script and finally i've implemented two types of Ambient Occlusion in Mental-Ray.

1: Enable/Disable Ambient Occlusion in Arch & Design (mi) materials.


2: Enable/Disable Ambient Occlusion globally.

So the Choice is upto the users. They can either enable it in Arch & Design materials or globally. Enabling global AO in my script will automatically turn on Material Override and automatically assigns mental ray material and Ambient Occlusion in it. So no need of always going to Render Dialog, setting mental_ray, dragging it into material editor then again assigning Ambient Occlusion into the surface..bla bla bla.....forget all about it. Everything is automated now. Just Enable and Render.

If you want to enable AO in Arch & Design Materials just turn it on and it will turn on Ambient Occlusion in all of your Arch & Design materials. It doesn't matter how many Arch & design materials you have in your Material Editor. It will be enabled if it detects any Arch & design Materials in your Material Editor.

Ryan Jon


Raku2040 said...

DAMn!!! thats so coool

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