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Merry Christmas :)

Hello Everyone,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas :)

3dsmax 2009 Patch

Here is a patch for Swift-Switch startup error (Unknown property: "getViewportShadingSettings" in <Interface:maxOps>)

Download Here

New Swift-Switch available

Hi guys,

New version of Swift-Switch is now available. Please visit Swift-Switch website to download. For more info on this version, check changelog/changelog2012.

Download: Click Here

Changelog: Click Here

Changelog2012: Click Here

Contact: feedback@swift-switch.com

MAXScript System Information

I developed a System Information script in MXS which shows Computer name, Username, Memory in Use, Total Memory, Free Memory, Number of CPU's and more. This will be available with the next version of Swift-Switch which is going to release soon. Here is the screenshot.

Special Thanks to Murosel for helping me on Virtual Memory calculation.

Advanced Viewport updated to "Viewporter"

Click Image to Enlarge
I just updated Advanced Viewport in Swift-Switch with New Features and New Name: The Viewporter. This will be available with the new version of Swift-Switch which will be released within a few days. Now with Viewporter, you can change viewport layouts and types instantly, Save your viewport as JPG, PNG etc, Preview viewport in VFB and more.

Final Render Extended VFB

A small addition to the Rendered Frame Window. This will be available in the upcoming version of Swift-Switch. This feature is optional and can be installed from Preferences.

Ocean Screenshots

3 Work in progress screenshots of my new VRay OceanMtl version 2.

New Settings for Swift-Switch

Here is a screenshot of the new "Preferences" from v5.4 of Swift-Switch.

Some settings might change when full version is released
The settings you see here are saved in a INI file, so everytime you switch render engines these settings are loaded. For example, if you turn on "Enable VFB" in "V-Ray" then everytime you switch to V-Ray using Swift-Switch, V-Ray VFB will be turned on.

Many users reported that Swift-Switch resets V-Ray when switching and they lose Environment settings and Color Mapping settings. Well from v5.4 you have the option to "Completely Reset V-Ray". If you disable this option then V-Ray Environment and Color Mapping settings will not reset when switching to V-Ray using Swift-Switch.

VFB+ will be available in Swift-Switch

Most of 3dsmax users know about this awesome script done by Rotem Shiffman. Its called VFB+: A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer. I recently contacted Rotem and he was kind enough to let me include VFB+ with Swift-Switch. So from next version of Swift-Switch, you have the option to install VFB+.

Here is a screenshot of VFB+ (Image from ScriptSpot)

I felt the 3dsmax VFB toolbar has not been changed in literally a decade, and is very lacking in features, while on the other hand, has a lot of useless features (who would print a render straight out of the VFB?). I set out to replace the toolbar with something much more useful in everyday production work, especially for look developers, shaders, lighters, render artists, and generally anyone who finds themselves doing lots of test renders.

  •  Render History - navigate through all of the current session's renders.
  •  Embedded UI - sits straight inside the VFB, no wasted screen space. Fully compatible with all original VFB features (zooming, scrolling, region editing, pixel color information, etc.)
  • Color Correction - perform color correction straight in the VFB using on-screen controls.
  • Split A/B Mode - compare between any two renders from the history (RAM player style).
  • Render Settings Browser - compare render settings between different renders, and optionally revert to previous settings.
  •  Tested on 3dsmax 2009 and upwards, unknown about previous versions.
  • Any renderer which uses the 3dsmax VFB.
  • Frame buffer is currently 32BPP only.

V-Ray Save Passes

Here is a screenshot of my new script that will be released with next version of Swift-Switch.

As you can see...it lets you save V-Ray Irradiance Map pass and Light Cache pass for later use.

Idea by: Said Mohamed Rahmani

Cebas Final Render Parameters in Swift-Switch

Cebas Final Render Settings in Swift-Switch.

Click for Larger view
When you switch to V-Ray, settings will be replaced with V-Ray settings.

VRay Ocean BETA Submission (Closed)

BETA Submission is over. Thank you to all those who have submitted. Please use the feedback form to submit your feedbacks on VRay OceanMtl version 2.

Satheesh (RyanJon2040)

VRay OceanMtl version 2

Here are some screenshots of Vray OceanMtl version 2 applied to Ocean Geometry.

Click for larger view
Click for larger view
Click for larger view
Click for larger view

Patch for 3dsmax2009 users

A 3dsmax2009 user reported a startup error with Swift-Switch. It has been fixed in this patch.

NOTE: This Patch is ONLY for 3dsmax2009 and earlier versions. DO NOT install in 3dsmax2010 or above.

Click Here to download.

Goodbye to Free Domains

Finally..... Swift-Switch now has a Official Website. Please check it out.


Contact me at: feedback@swift-switch.com

Ocean plugin New Screenshots

Here are some more screenshots from Ocean Plugin that shows Level Of Detail.


Swift-Switch New Patch

A user reported that when trying to run M-Converter it shows a "Not Installed" error even when installed. This has been fixed in this patch.

Click Here to download.

EDIT: This is the new patch. It fixes the blank Logo space in VRay OceanMtl with a logo image. *LINK NOW WORKS*

New Website Online

So finally......New Swift-Switch website is online now. Also Swift-Switch (Only for 3dsmax 9-2011) has been updated to a new version with some new features and fixes.

Click Here for Changelog

Click Here to visit Website

Take the Survey and share your thoughts

VRay OceanMtl version 2 BETA coming soon

VRay Ocean Material v2 BETA will be available soon. I've improved Sub-Surface scattering and Absorption. So stay tuned :)

New Ocean Plugin

I am now working on a new plugin which creates realistic Ocean Surfaces. Here are two screenshots from Viewport. I'll post more screenshots soon.

Click For Larger view

Click For Larger View

Please Vote for my idea at Customer feedback for 3ds Max

Please do vote for my "Multiple Plugin Extends" idea at Customer Feedback For 3dsmax.

Click Here to Vote

Swift-Switch site down at the moment

Unfortunately, Swift-Switch website is down at the moment. If you want to use Swift-Switch please send a mail to mindfreak2040@gmail.com

New V-Ray Ice Material

Hi guys.....Here is "VRay IceMtl" that will be available soon :)

Click for Larger View
Click for Larger View
Click for Larger View
Click for Larger View

New Setup Uploaded

I have uploaded a new setup of Swift-Switch that removes splash screen changing function. Those who are uncomfortable with the new splash screen, please uninstall Swift-Switch and download the new setup.

New Swift-Switch Survey

A survey for Swift-Switch is available. Click Here to take the survey

New Version of Swift-Switch Available Now

Latest version of Swift-Switch is available now. Visit Swift-Switch Website to download. Click Here for Changelog.

Switch-Switch will be released tomorrow

New Version of Swift-Switch will be released tomorrow.

VRay OceanMtl new screenshots

Some more screenshots from "VRay OceanMtl"

Read More>>

New VRay OceanMtl

Hello guys...Here is a new Material for V-Ray that i created with Maxscript. Its called "VRay OceanMtl". It will be available with next version of Swift-Switch.

Here are some Screenshots. Hope you all like it. And dont forget to share your feedback

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M-Converter in DotNet

I made M-Converter in Dotnet :) See Screenshot

Click on Image for Large View

New Graphic Installer for next version

Swift-Switch next version features a new Graphical Installer. It will also be available in "Italian" Language. A Special thanks to Giorgio for translation.

Swift-Switch set to release soon.

Swift Switch is set to release in a few weeks. Here are some of the features...

Swift-Switch on Menubar

From Swift-Switch v5.0, it will automatically appear on the Menu bar of 3dsmax after installing. And it will be removed when you uninstall the script. So no need to Go into "Customize User Interface ---> Menu ---> Toolbar" etc.

M-Converter BETA Submission (Closed)

BETA Submission is now closed. Thank you to all those who have submitted.

Swift-Switch compatible with 3dsmax 2012

Hello guys...I was working on 3dsmax 2012 and i have to admit that they have improved Max a lot. And one more happy news. Swift-Switch is now compatible with Autodesk 3dsmax 2012 and V-Ray.

New Script "M-Converter"

Hi all...Its been some time since my last post so here is a quick update on my upcoming Script called "M-Converter" that might probably be included in the next version of Swift-Switch. This is just a basic Material Converter that converts Mental-Ray materials to V-Ray materials and vice versa. So this is how it looks
I'll post a BETA Submission form soon so you guys can grab this script.

Ryan Jon

Mental-Ray Ambient Occlusion

I've been working so hard on this script and finally i've implemented two types of Ambient Occlusion in Mental-Ray.

About the Upcoming version

Hi Guys...i've started working on a new build of my little app. I've already included "Optimize Final Gather (Slower GI)" from Mental Ray Render Engine. Now am working on including Ambient Occlusion for Mental-Ray and Save/Load Preset function for both Mental Ray and V-Ray.

Ryan Jon

New Build Released

Advanced Render Switcher is now known as Swift-Switch. Please visit the below link for more Info and Download.

Swift Switch now comes with Mental-Ray Presets. So why waiting?? Grab it now!!


Ryan Jon

Advanced Render Switcher BETA Submission (Closed)

BETA Submission is now closed. Thanks to all those who have submitted. This update will be released soon.

Ryan Jon

About Swift-Switch

Swift-Switch is an Advanced Render Switcher for Autodesk 3dsmax.It contains Render Presets for both V-Ray and Mental-Ray and includes more functions.