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New VRay OceanMtl

Hello guys...Here is a new Material for V-Ray that i created with Maxscript. Its called "VRay OceanMtl". It will be available with next version of Swift-Switch.

Here are some Screenshots. Hope you all like it. And dont forget to share your feedback

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New Screenshots HERE
Click for larger view
Click for larger view
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Anonymous said...

it is beautiful....great work ,friend

Ryan Jon said...

Thanks :)

lucpet said...

Very uncool changing my splash screen. After all the time I spent on my personalised one. You could have renamed it not just overwriten it!

Ryan Jon said...

Lucpet it does not overwrite your personalised splash screen...

Do this:

1: Make a backup copy of "splash_swiftswitchbackup.bmp" from your 3dsmax root folder.Then delete the current splash screen and rename "splash_swiftswitchbackup.bmp".

Or when you uninstall Swift-Switch your old splash screen will be there.

Arman - cura para herpes said...

great, just what I needed

Ryan Jon said...

Glad you liked it :)

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Swift-Switch is an Advanced Render Switcher for Autodesk 3dsmax.It contains Render Presets for both V-Ray and Mental-Ray and includes more functions.