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Ocean Plugin Fix

A user (obaida) reported Ocean plugin conflicts with ActiveType script. This issue has been resolved. Please download the fix below and simply overwrite the Ocean script in plugins folder.

Ocean Fix


obaida said...

Thank you for fixing .

Unknown said...

why oceanmtl lock the irradiance map rate to 0,1?that just kill the irradiance map's adaptivity and render slow

Anonymous said...

Download link for Ocean Fix doesn't work!
Where can I find the VRay Ocean Shader??
Thx, Patric

Ryan Jon said...

Ocean Shader is part of Swift-Switch. If you want it give me your email address and i'll send it.

Otto said...

Hi, I'd like to have swift-Switch also. Download links are not workin and you said it would be possible via email. So here's mine:

John Lee said...

can't able to download please send it to me!! That's big help man and thanks in advanced man :)
my id is userone77@gmail.com

CakeWalkCG said...


The download link is not working. Please fix it.

For Free video tutorials and free models please visit www.cakewalkcg.com

Ryan Jon said...

I will soon fix it.

Alexandre Longo said...

Hello!!.. please.. send to cadmax3d@gmail.com Thanks

CGRAFIS said...

this is great , dude . .
can u please send to teddfire@gmail.com .

faldri said...

hi sir,you have superb script, can i have it.. can u please send to syawal.faldri@gmail.com
big thx..

chaudary said...

hi, this is really great script...can u send that to my mail magicofvictory@gmail.com

Ricardo Ropain said...

This script is amazing, I could share my email ricardoropain@hotmail.com ... thanks

Anonymous said...


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